Friday, 1 April 2016

Key Aspects of Foundation Repair

You probably have not given a thought as to whether or not your foundation is in need of repair, but if start having difficulty opening and closing your closets, doors and windows, or you see cracks in your walls and ceilings, it might be time to investigate.

Poor soil conditions can cause the foundation of a house to sink, shift and shake to the point where foundation repair is the only option available.
You should always have a qualified foundation repair Austin Texas examine your situation, and if there is a problem the remedy is quite simple and thorough.

First, an excavation will be dug, and then concrete or steel piers will be installed underneath the affected area of the foundation.

The piers will reach down to the first bedrock areas, or if that is not possible poured concrete beds will be constructed to support the weight. The piers can then be jacked upward in order to bring the foundation back to its original position.

Clay soil will expand and contract, and soil that is sandy in nature will also be problematic according to moisture and water conditions. By implementing the piers, the foundation will actually have more support than it did originally.

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